First 250 Words of “Talented Minds”

March 11, 2011 at 3:13 PM | Posted in writing | 7 Comments

What follows are the first 250 words of my science fiction book “Talented Minds”.

Name:  Vicki Sourdry

Title: Talented Minds

Genre:  Science Fiction

 Even without having to raise his mental walls, there were no thoughts from other people’s minds to intrude on his own; no foreign memories to compete in his consciousness.  Floating weightless in the nose of his ship, surrounded by a  universe of stars, Dan’l relished the silence and the solitude.

“SOARING WING, please confirm flight path and timeline.” The radio contact from Orchid broke his concentration with such force that he inadvertantly destroyed the nearly completed puzzle he had been constructing in the air in front of him.

Annoyed with himself, Dan’l swam through the air to the pilot’s console and checked the readouts.    

 “SOARING WING approaching at 260 mark 145.  Orbit in 28 standard hours.  Please confirm Police Authority status.”

Working for The Mind Guild had given him a long life of purpose and satisfaction, but it left little time for building relationships.  Except for Roscoe, of course.  The radio had awakened his miniature bear-like pet, and he nudged Dan’l, wanting to play.  Waiting for the time-delayed response from Orchid, Dan’l smiled and threw a toy to the other side of the cabin.  He felt joy flood Roscoe’s uncomplicated mind.  With all six legs whirling at full speed, it took the happy ball of fur several minutes to follow the toy.         

 “Authority reports no progress, SOARING WING.  They are anxiously awaiting your help.  Welcome to Orchid.”

 “Thank you.” 

He  sent a message to Will’m, the Director of The Mind Guild.  “Arrived Orchid.  Situation unchanged.  Beginning assignment.”

Dan’l sighed.  Time to go to work.


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